1. What is your production capacity?
  2. As a group we have two production units (Bangalore & Bhatkal), and yes the entire manufacturing will be done within India.

  3. What is the warranty period?
  4. Carbonado comes with one year warranty.

  5. When will the backpack be delivered?
  6. Delivery will start after the campaign ends.

    • the First 100 will be delivered within 7 Days post the Campaign completion.
    • Rest of the orders will be delivered by the End of February.
  7. How much does the backpack weigh?
  8. The composite weight of the backpack

    • Actual Weight - 1150 Grams
    • Feels like - 575 Grams
  9. What is the return/replacement policy?
  10. If any defective unit is delivered, the replacement will be done within 7 days.
    The company shall bear the product’s return cost.

    Note: Return/ replacement are not valid for damages resulting from accident, improper repair, and loss of components or accessories by the user.

  11. What are the variants in colour you offer?
  12. Carbonado comes in carbon black variant only.

  13. Are the backpacks waterproof?
  14. Carbonado backpacks are quoted with DWR, which keeps not only water, but stains and dust also at bay.

  15. Can Carbonado be used for everyday commute?
  16. Yes, it is perfect for everyday use as well as for travel. Carbonado has sufficient storage space for your daily gear and travel needs.

  17. What material is used in manufacturing the backpack? What is different about it?
  18. The material used in manufacturing the backpack is Polycarbonate. It is harder and stronger than other materials and can take on impact easily.

  19. What are our labour practices?
  20. Carbonado is manufactured in a child labour free factory.

  21. If I have more questions, whom do I contact?
  22. Send us a mail on support@carbonado.in